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Yearly Youth Council Events

The Youth Council holds workshops and training events throughout the year. These youth-led sessions are held in Honolulu, and we have travel scholarships available for neighbor island members to allow for statewide participation. Registration is required, with links posted one month before the event.

Members also work individually or in small groups on projects at their school or community to support policy priorities and deliver peer-to-peer education presentations.

Take Down Tobacco Day at the Capitol

Take Down Tobacco Day at the Capitol

Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Honolulu)*

This is our biggest event of the year! Youth Council members and other interested youth come together to advocate to end the sale of flavored tobacco products in Hawai‘i. Youth Council members will lead training sessions on the policy priorities, how a bill becomes a law, and hold mock meetings with lawmakers. There will be a march to the Capitol, a rally, and sign-waving.  This is followed by small group meetings with lawmakers. Don’t miss this opportunity to talk directly with lawmakers about this important issue and share what you are seeing in your community and what you would like to see them do about it.

What youth who participated are saying:

“I learned how even young citizens can make a difference in our community.”

“I felt the most valuable thing I did today was meeting with legislators because I think it was fun and it helped me improve my speaking skills.  They were really excited to hear our opinions about ending the sales of flavored tobacco.”

“No matter what age you are, you can always make a difference. Legislators are not as scary as some others make them seem. They are excited to hear from us.”

“The most valuable thing I learned today was how a bill is passed or not, and how to speak with legislators in formal meetings”

Awareness Building Workshop and Team Building

Awareness Building Workshop and Team Building

Saturday, November 18, 2023, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Honolulu) *

Join us for some fun team-building activities and a workshop on building awareness around the Youth Council’s policy priority to end the sale of flavored tobacco products in Hawai‘i. 

Register Today!

Recommend: Completion of the Activities That Take Down Tobacco online module at

What youth who participated are saying:

The whole event was fun and focused. My favorite part was the integration of islands because I got to know the other high school students.”

Both the activity and being able to work with a group on strategies for our own island.”

Participating in the small group key message sharing.

Policy and Testimony Writing Workshop

Policy and Testimony Writing Workshop

Saturday, January 6, 2024, 9AM – 3PM, Downtown Honolulu

Learn more about how a bill becomes a law and how to craft testimony in support of the Youth Council’s Policy priorities. Hear from lawmakers directly about the importance of the youth voice in decision-making at the state level. Registration will open in January.

Recommend: Completion of the Messaging Matters and Informing Decision-Makers online module at

What youth who participated are saying:

My favorite part of the day was learning more about the policy we want to focus on and learning about how this policy has been successful in other places in the U.S.

This is student voice driven and youth facilitated, youth are making a difference in Hawaiʻi and it is making news on the mainland.

“I liked making friends that want to better society.”

Youth Council Kickoff

Youth Council Kickoff

Saturday, August 19, 2023, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Honolulu) *

Meet fellow Youth Council members from across the state, learn more about how you can get involved, improve your presentation skills, and have fun! Connect with like-minded peers from various schools across the state. 

  1. Gain valuable insights into the impact of tobacco on our communities and youth.
  2. Develop leadership skills to effectively advocate for a tobacco-free environment.
  3. Participate in engaging activities and workshops facilitated by your peers.

Learn about the Coalition’s ongoing initiatives and how you can contribute.

Recommend: Completion of the Taking Down Tobacco 101 and Rise of Vaping course at

What youth who participated are saying:

“Getting to know my fellow YC members and helping them become more confident in their presenting skills.”

“The ice breakers because I met a lot of cool people and got to socialize.”

“Meeting people from other schools that feel the same way about anti-tobacco as me.”

*Neighbor Island Youth

For our statewide events in Honolulu HIPHI staff or community partners will bring over 2 youth each from Kaua‘i, Maui, Molokai, Lāna‘i, East Hawai‘i and West Hawai‘i. Contact Scott Stensrud at if you are interested in being considered to attend.

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