We are a resource.

HIPHI’s mission is to advance the health and wellness of the people and islands of Hawai‘i by:

  • Expanding understanding of what creates health of people and place, embracing upstream social, cultural, and environmental factors;
  • Fostering partnerships among public health, health care, and other diverse sectors to improve health and wellness; and
  • Cultivating programs including education, advocacy, research, capacity building and training—to improve policies, systems, and the environments where people live, learn, work, age, and play.

HIPHI began in 1996, then known as the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, spearheading the campaign to make all workplaces, restaurants, and bars smoke-free. In 2012, the organization moved from a singular focus on tobacco issues to a broader public health mission that includes oral health, food and agriculture, transportation and public safety, and environmental health, and became the Hawai‘i Public Health Institute.