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Coalition On A Mission

The Hawai‘i Oral Health Coalition (HOHC) is on a mission! Our true mission is to improve overall health and well-being for all Hawai‘i residents by increasing access and equity in oral health care through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, and education. But what does this look like in action?

The HOHC has identified several key areas which guide our work. Workforce development is a primary focus, and we’re working now to support this through our growing partnerships with high school, community college, and university faculty across the state. Not only are HOHC members investing in promoting the professional oral health workspace, but additional research is on the horizon to explore potential pathways to expand the capacity of Hawai‘i’s existing workforce through licensing and credentialing.

Oral health education, promotion, and prevention are additional focus areas we currently support through various working groups dedicated to improving kūpuna care, keiki sealants, and access to care for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through these groups, we anticipate that training for individuals, caregivers, and providers, with supplemental education and promotion resources, will be available in the community by the end of this year.

Legislative advocacy and policy development are crowning features of HOHC’s work to support these priorities further. The Coalition’s activity in these areas, with all the support from our communities, promotes steady shifts in the state’s oral health system to improve access and outcomes. Our teams are diligently working to craft potential policies in collaboration with community and industry stakeholders that promote oral health access and prevention, grow workforce capacity, and bolster statewide oral health surveillance.

All these efforts march forward while Coalition leadership hones in on long-term strategies to grow and sustain the work of HOHC and improve oral health outcomes for all. Coalition-wide strategic planning activities are set to launch at the 2023 HOHC Annual Statewide Meeting on September 29 in Honolulu and continue throughout the coming year in a community near you.  

If you’re looking for a place to share your vision and passion for oral health with folks across the state as dedicated as you are, the HOHC is waiting for you! Join our mission by reaching out to our Program Manager, Patrick, at or by visiting us on the web at

Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly

Program Manager: Hawai'i Oral Health Coalition
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